Enjoy The Show as A Little “Wish” Turns 5!

As the tiny ‘wish’ – Khwaish Kabra, bloomed into a little princess on her fifth birthday, we filmed the bright sparkle in her eyes as she wandered frolicking around sporting her tiara in her princess baby pink embellished dress. Her mom prudently revamped the space with all things cute and handcrafted… From pretty doilies to paper flowers…. from balloons to hand made danglers… from flowery elements to pastel trunks…. all things customized.

As we captured away the cheerful moments, Khwaish’s parents look at her and thought to themselves, “You are the apple of our eye, and no matter how old you grow up, you will always be our little girl. Cute and pretty… Beautiful and bubbly.”

Here’s wishing the charming little princess Khwaish a very Happy Birthday once again and many more to come!



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