Oodles of Smiles!

From a swap of lipstick… to nails painted pink… From cute little shoes with bows… to hair accessories…. All Things Girly!

Mommy Nidhi and her cute little daughter Samaira planned to play dress up one evening. It all began with both of them getting playful in the park in cute little butterfly printed outfits. Their love for each other was so apparent in every little move that it couldn’t escape our lenses too. The duo feels connected and feminine to us which have lend emotions to these photos.

As time passes by… these pictures are going to mean so much to Samaira… a sweet gesture chosen by mommy Nidhi to encapsulate memories for her little one as she grows up.

1 IMG_5857_LR_PS 3 IMG_5823_LR_PS small size 2 IMG_5814_LR_PS 4 IMG_5854_LR_PS5 IMG_6021_BR_SELECTED_LR_PS 7 IMG_6071_BR_SELECTED_LR_PS

6 IMG_5776_LR_PS
8 IMG_6204_LR_PS9 IMG_6225_LR_PS

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